Saturday, July 01, 2006


I woke up this morning in a happy daze after last night’s opening. Transmitting my thoughts and feelings to canvas is an exhilarating experience. When others respond it becomes magical.

My exhibition at The Four Starr Gallery consists of engravings, landscapes, and peoplescapes. The engravings were made from line drawings, the landscapes were done in Provence, The West, Stonington and Central Park, and the peoplescapes are from everywhere. My high school English teacher came up with “peoplescapes.” He said the word “scape” originally meant “a segment of an insect’s antenna” and it reminded him of my “unique antennae which pick up what people are thinking and feeling.”

A woman in last night’s crowd asked me if the frowning lady in Baseball was my mother. Someone else said she looked like his mother. Last night I gave birth to thirtytuplets. Baseball, Central Park, Café Last Chance and their brothers and sisters will lead happy lives.

I was pleased.


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