Saturday, June 17, 2006


After the exhibition of my paintings in London in 1990 I started looking for a gallery in New York. I showed my work to a gallery in Soho. “You’re too painterly for Soho,” said the owner. “You belong on Madison Avenue.” I went to a gallery on Madison Avenue. “You know what pays my rent?” asked the owner. “I’ll tell you. Classical Realism! Classical Realism pays my rent! You’re an Impressionist. You belong on Fifty-seventh Street.” “You know what you are doing?” asked a gallery owner on Fifty-seventh Street.” “No. What am I doing?” “You’re doing Outsider Art! Outsider artists are self taught, they are emotionally disturbed, and they’ve been in prison.” He gave me the address of an Outsider Art Gallery in Soho. I never went because I was only two-thirds qualified.


Blogger argos said...

Great story David. Hillarious. It begs the question though, which one third are you not? My quess is you've never been to prison. I too am only two-thirds qualified.

Who needs a NYC gallery anyway. The owners are merely spectators who percieve themselves as the gatekeepers of relevance. Ha!

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